About Me

I'm Jeremy Boyd, a front-end web developer. I wasn't always a web developer. I've always been a fan of music and, after high school, decided to study audio engineering and learned a lot about audio and how to record and mix properly.

Life threw a curve at me and I wound up working in the printing press business – essentially on a factory floor. My experience taught me about hard work, endurance, humility and finding myself. I was determined to make more of my life.

In 2011, while still slogging it out printing and assembling magazines, I created a YouTube channel, Polyphonic Press, where I reviewed new albums. This kept me in the music space but I also discovered a new passion: connecting online! I created a website using WordPress that sparked a real interest in web development. Curious now about coding -- and always interested in learning new things -- I completed a series of online courses and loved it. I knew my path was in web development

I've completed the two-year Multimedia Design & Development diploma program at Humber College which included not only hands on learning but also an internship in the real world. And today, I have my own business and am a professional web developer

At my core, I'm curious, creative and a life-long learner. It's exciting to now channel that into my new and rewarding career as a front-end web developer.